Hi, I’m Chris, a writer of stories, copy, poetry, scripts and features, working in the UK.

Since beginning the process of my writing my debut novel, I have delved into a multitude of research materials and subsequently become engrossed in the intricacies of the human mind – my interest in psychology during education was not so intense, to say the least – for the twin purposes of three-dimensional characterisation and the invention of a believable plot, driven only by the powerful motivations of a handful of characters.

It struck me only recently that many of the things which have fascinated me during this process may well prove to be of equal interest to others. Therein lies the purpose of this blog. I don’t expect my words to be taken as gospel, but I can assure you that, besides the occasional digression on my part, the information presented here will be gleaned only from reliable sources.

The topics discussed may vary widely, but they will most often relate directly to the writing process. To give you an inkling as to what to expect, my first few posts will touch on subjects such as the limitations of realism, the complexities of inventing a character, the irrelevance of plausibility and the nature of creativity itself.

If you’re interested in what I have to say and you’d like to leave a comment, then please do. Further information, writing tips, book recommendations and so on are very welcome indeed.


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